BRUBECK Official Technical Partner of
The National Winter Expedition to K2 2017/2018!


We have a great challenge ahead of us, which is taken up by the Polish Mountaineering Association team - a journey to conquer for the first time in the history of the K2 during winter! The climbers will spend less than three months in Karakorum, and we will accompany them as the Official Technical Partner of the National Winter Expedition to K2 2017/2018. Learn more about the expedition. Below is the details of our participation in the project and a dedicated collection!


The first in a series of interviews with the participants of the expedition - Krzysztof Wielicki about faith in the success of the expedition:



The second of a series of interviews with the participants of the expedition - Rafał Fronia, with the significance and importance of experience during the expedition:



The third interview - Piotr Snopczyński, base manager, talks about the organization of technical support and logistical support for climbers:



The fourth interview - Marek Chmielarski, a member of the expedition, talks about the atmosphere in the base camp and how staying at the top looks like:



The fifth interview - Artur Małek, a member of the expedition, tells the about his experiences in fighting winter in the high mountains and the learning he received from his masters:







What thermoactive underwear does the team fighting for the K2 conquest in winter use?

+ The climbers use the sets of THERMO collections, which are perfect for intensive work in the camp and for transporting the whole expeditionary caravan, i. e. activities that require constant physical activity of a higher level.

+ EXTREME WOOL collection sets help you to keep warm during extremely cold nights and while climbing and acclimatizing at ever higher altitudes.

+ In order to increase the functionality of woollen underwear and improve the efficiency of transportation of moisture, climbers use Base Layer shirts and boxers in 3DPRO technology.

+ Complementary set: a merino wool balaclava and sock based on the same raw material








Dedicated to National Winter Expedition on K2, the clothing collection consists of shirts with long and short sleeves and woollen accessories such as chimneys and caps. Products are made from the finest natural raw materials: wool from Australian merino and Tencel, yarns of wood origin.


















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