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THERMO clothing collection has been made in seamless technology from two-layered, breathable  knitted fabric of medium thickness. The products have unique thermal-insulating properties that ensure the maintenance of optimal body temperature. They protect both against cooling down and overheating of the body. In the areas of increased sweating, a net structure has been used that aids the transport of moisture. 

NILIT HEAT® is a unique yarn on the basis of coffee coal from husks of coffee beans that has natural thermal-insulating properties, gathers in its structure the emitted heat and keeps it even in low temperatures,  and has antibacterial properties – gives the feeling of refreshment and perfect comfort of use. NILIT HEAT yarn is environment-friendly – because in the production coffee coal is used obtained from husks of coffee beans. The temperature reached by NILIT HEAT is on average 10 degrees Celsius higher than in other yarns from the same category.

The structure of knitwear marks body shape, whereas elastic and fitted material ensures the freedom of movements. Additionally, the clothing has anti-allergic and antibacterial properties. THERMO collection will work ideally when doing sport in winter and during an interim period. The best yarns of BRUBECK products have additional properties that distinguish them from many other products available on the market.

NILIT® INNERGY is a modified microfiber enriched with a natural mineral that transforms the thermal energy of the human body into deep infrared rays. Then it gives their heat energy back to the skin, creating a feeling of deep, gentle warmth. This is not only a subjective feeling of the user's clothing made of NILIT INNERGY yarn. Unusual knitwear invigorates the body, improves the appearance of skin affected by cellulite, increases the elasticity of the muscles and supports their regeneration after intensive physical activity.