BRUBECK products are widely recognized also in the world of professional sports.


BRUBECK is the Official Technical Partner of the Polish Alpinism Association (PZA). Our brand’s clothing is tested and used in competitions by athletes of all the PZA’s sports sections, like the team of Himalayan climbers, which is going to try to reach the peak of K2 in winter for the first time in history. PZA was established in 1974 and it is a federation of clubs and organisation for people who explore Tatra mountains and caves, skiers aiming at high altitudes and the ones who train sport climbing. In the world, PZA has been known since 1932 as a member and founder of the Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme (UIAA), and as a member of Union Internationale de Speleologie (UIS). PZA coordinates sports and training activities, organises national excursions, grants licences to instructors and takes care of the environment and accident prevention.


Artur Miśkiewicz

Artur Miśkiewicz is a leading Polish downhill cyclist. He is a three-time Polish Champion in MTB downhill. Artur has been uninterruptedly participating in downhill races since 1999. He has repeatedly represented Poland at international events, for several years in Masters class races. 

Andrzej Radzikowski

A seasoned ultramarathon runner characterised by exceptional perseverance, precision in pursuing the training plan and incredible motivation. In 2014 he came third in the Greek Spartathlon, to become the absolute winner of this legendary ultramarathon in 2016, when his result on the 245.3 km distance was 23 hours 1 minute and 13 seconds. This historical achievement was preceded by excellent performance during other events – ha was the 2013 Polish Champion in a 24-hour run and he came second in the 2015 Hungarian Ultrabalaton. 


Ultra-marathon runner, European Champion in a team and winner of the 2016 European Championship bronze medal in France for the 24H run, World champion individually and in a team in World Championship 2017 in Ireland and world records’ breaker – in July, during the World Championship in Belfast she managed to cover a distance of 259.364 km during one day! Incredibly well prepared for each run, she is a professional and still developing competitor on her way to perfection. In 2017, Patrycja became the best 24H runner of he world and she also completed the legendary ultra run – Spartathlon, becoming the first Polish female winner, after the previous year’s Andrzej Radzikowski’s success (another of our Ambassadors). In Greece, Patrycja set the best record in history of women’s runs – about 246 km trail from Athens to Sparta in 24 hours 47 minutes and 7 seconds!

Marcin Tomaszewski "Yeti"

Member of the Polish Alpinism Association (PZA), climber with great experience and skills, who surprises us with his abilities each year. Marcin has marked numerous new trails on the most vertical walls of the world, and still he is hungry for more success. He is a leader of new, amazing climbing voyages. His climbing is not limited to the mountains only – he promotes climbing in Poland via trainings and climbing clubs, organization of contests and climbing shows and appearing in radio broadcasts. Since 1997, each year Marcin has been organizing Polish Climbing Competition Fight Club (Ogólnopolskie Zawody Wspinaczkowe Fight Club), which he invented himself. Since 2005 he’s an instructor of sport climbing. He opened his own climbing school in Szczecin. In 2009 Marcin started the his another project 4 Elements, which focuses on climbing in four unique mountain areas (Patagonia, Alaska, Baffin Island, Venezuela).

Olga Kosek

Olga is another of our brand’s Ambassadors who is deeply in love with the mountains both professionally and personally. She has chosen Zakopane as her ideal home, and trains a very demanding sports discipline – dry tooling. Olga has been achieving top places in the Ice World Cup for a few seasons now. She says she can’t imagine her life without climbing. Since 2011 she is also a sport climbing instructor. Olga conducts trainings on wall and rock climbing and drytool. Her greatest climbing achievements are: Opętanie, the new trail in Tatra Mountains together with Marcin Gąsienica-Kotelnicki and Darek Kałuża; World Cup 2016/17 – 8th position in the “speed” section and 11th in the “lead” section of.


Piotr Pustelnik

Joanna Miller