Functional materials


natural cotton microfiber, characterized by great moisture absorption parameters and breathability.

Used in collection: Comfort Cotton


Merino Wool

 a natural microfiber from top class merino wool, protecting against chilling and overheating of the body. It is characterized by great moisture absorption parameters (up to 33% of its volume) and breathability.

Used in collection: Comfort Wool, Active Wool, Extreme Wool


Prolen® Siltex, Prolen® Bodyfresh

modified polypropylene microfiber with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Used in collection: Accessories, Protect


MicroModal® Air

natural cellulose microfiber from fine beech wood, characterized by a high (up to 50% higher than cotton) level of moisture absorption and being twice as soft as cotton. The yarn is resistant to mechanical damage and multiple washing.

Used in collection: Comfort Night


NILIT ® Breeze

modified polyamide microfiber with cooling properties and efficient ventilation parameters. The yarn is soft and elastic, it protects the skin against UV rays.

Used in collection: Motorcycle



The best yarns used in BRUBECK clothing have extra features which distinguish them from other products available on the market.

NILIT INNERGY is a yarn containing natural mineral addition which changes the natural human heat energy into deep infrared radiation. It returns its heat energy to the skin and that brings the sense of deep, delicate warmth. This is not just a subjective sense of a person wearing clothing made of NILIT HEAT yarn. Exceptional knitwear features energize the body and, moreover, enhance the appearance of skin with cellulite, boost muscle flexibility and support regeneration after intensive physical effort.

Used in collection: Athletic, THERMO



A cup of espresso for which we reach on a cool, gloomy day stimulates us to act with its aroma and flavor. Yet, coffee beans have much more to offer.

NILIT HEAT is a thermoactive yarn created to benefit from the natural characteristics of roasted coffee beans. It is a special yarn which retains and preserves the natural body heat, energizes and helps maintain the optimum level of body heat.

NILIT HEAT yarn fibers are made from carbon made from coffee grounds, having natural insulation properties, thanks to which heat is retained even in case of low temperature. The production process is environmentally friendly, as it is mostly based on extracting carbon from coffee beans. 

NILIT HEAT yarn offers excellent antimicrobial properties and the sense of freshness. They minimize perspiration and give a feeling of  comfort.

Used in collection: THERMO