BRUBECK – Inspired by nature.


Our body is a very complex, complicated system. The correct functioning of the human body depends on countless natural processes, genetic predispositions and many external factors. The human body is as complicated as it is delicate and fragile. That is why, in its early form, it developed a natural form of protection in the evolutionary process - thick hair almost on the whole surface of the skin. Gradually, human hair gradually became less dense, stopped covering the whole body and left little protection in the most sensitive areas.


Further skills acquired by man in order to function in the natural environment full of threats and challenges required more and more efficient action, better planning, increased energy consumption in order to successfully compete for a strong position among the riches of species on Earth. Increasing body and brain activity caused a proportional increase in temperature on the skin, as well as harsh climatic conditions on the African continent. The human body had to balance these changes, which was helpful in getting rid of the total hair.

Smooth, bodyless skin has greatly improved the process of cooling the body allowing it to sweat abundantly. This natural effect of activity is also very important for proper functioning of the organism. Moisture evaporation from the skin surface clearly accelerates heat dissipation and reduces the temperature, which could easily endanger our thermal comfort and health, and in extreme cases even life. According to anthropologists' research, the ability to dispose of excess heat by emitting natural moisture had an influence on the size of the brain - the body most sensitive to high temperature. The process of thermoregulation has therefore played a huge role in the evolution of mankind - it has allowed the continuous development of typically human traits.



Millions of years of evolution of nature is an invaluable value and an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the further improvement of human body and mind capabilities. Biomimetic, that is, imitating natural solutions derived directly from nature, we encounter more and more often in everyday life, and the integration of the human body with the achievements of technology is another stage of civilisational development. With the help of available technology, our designers and technicians have already responded to the need for a natural process of body thermoregulation, which has evolved with the evolutionary progress of body building.       


Protection of the body against minor mechanical damage, absorption of severe heat and harmful sunlight or protection against unpleasant cold and wind have become a need in the process of evolution, which has influenced the creation of clothing. Today it is a function of the basic and first and second layers of clothing. Looking for the right solution we have gone a long way from prehistoric hair to modern microfibre technology, functional yarns and excellent natural wool and cotton fibres to implement the concept of the best body protection in the form of thermo-active clothing.


Drawing on the wisdom of nature, we can try to adapt its most precise solutions to meet our needs. From here comes the idea of BRUBECK thermoactive clothing - care for the body and natural body adjustment processes, ensuring comfort regardless of external conditions and type of activity.   






Clothing fulfilling the basic functions we replaced technologically advanced second leather:


  • friendly body, ensuring thermal comfort, which translates into proper functioning of the whole body;


  • functional, providing pleasure of use thanks to the use of innovative two layer construction of knitted fabrics and modern seamless construction;


  • supporting the transport of excess natural moisture, maintaining proper body temperature, adequate ventilation and safe - having bacteriostatic and anti-allergic properties;


  • high quality, consisting of noble natural raw materials and the most technologically advanced yarns available on the world textile market;


  • perfectly made, lightweight, elastic, adaptable to the shape of the body, not restricting movement, but extremely durable and durable at the same time.



We have adapted our collections to the cycle of nature, a constant, natural rhythm of changes throughout the year. The underwear and clothing is suitable for all outdoor conditions:


  • in spring it provides stability in the feeling of thermal comfort, when dynamic changes in weather conditions and unstable aura can cause discomfort, forcing to apply multiple layers and frequent changes of clothing;   


  • in summer, it improves the ventilation and transport of moisture and protects against overheating when the problems can be caused by high temperature, low humidity and the resulting excessive sweating;


  • in autumn it is an answer to the changing temperature and humidity, rainfall - due to the rapid drying and to the unstable temperature and cold wind, it protects against the penetration of cool air under clothing;


  • in winter, it maintains the natural warmth of the human body, insulates from low temperature, protects against cold air getting in under clothing and freezing.


Inspired by the natural aspiration for action, movement, and all human activity, we offer a wide selection of thermoactive clothing collections. Depending on whether we play sport, sleep, work or relax, it performs a bit different but still equally important protective functions, so that we can feel safe, comfortable and comfortable in our body - simply naturally.