Correct heat exchange between the body and the environment has a special effect on performance and comfort, riding on biking, trekking or climbing.

  • 1

    Moisture transport from skin to the outside

  • 2

    Heat loss protection

  • 3

    Body insulation

  • 4

    Ventilation of places with excessive sweating and emission

  • A


  • B

    The external layer (hydrophylic or hygroscopic)

  • C

    The internal layer (hydrophobic)

  • D

    Double layer construction of knitwear based of microfiber

  • E

    Capillares (micro-tubules)

Thermoactive clothing properties

Thermoregulation properties

  • effective cold protection
  • Moisture transport from the surface of skin to the outside
  • The heat exchange regulation between body and the environment
  • Ventilation of the places with increased activity
  • Creating a good microclimate next to the skin

Hypogenic properties

  • bacteriostatical - odour control
  • non-allergic - not provoke allergic reactions

Utilties properties

  • durable
  • elastic
  • light
  • adapts to the body
  • quick dry