About us

BRUBECK is the leading brand on the Polish thermo-active wear market.

Our production facility is located in Poland, in the town that is historically bound to weaving and the textile industry in general, namely Zduńska Wola. Thanks  to that, we can control the quality of our production process, from the stage of yarn manufacture to garment packing. Nowadays, when many companies decide to manufacture their products in distant Asian countries, the ability to control the 100% of the production process  and , if needed, easily modify production processes here, in Poland, guarantees the best quality of BRUBECK products.


Our efficiently working distribution network is a key factor in BRUBECK success – it helps our products reach stores all around Poland. In addition, we are constantly developing our international network. Currently our products are available in Europe.

21st Century Production

Since 2005, our company has been designing and manufacturing functional, thermo-active sports and outdoor wear, as well as seamless underwear made of cotton and wool.
When it comes to thermo-active clothing, designing involves much more than just sketching a shape of a garment.

What is equally important is a proper choice of  yarns and combination of various types of knitwear, as it also translates into the functional values of clothing. When the design process is finished, we use state-of-the-art Italian machines to produce our BRUBECK clothes.

To guarantee their first-class quality, we apply solutions based on the scientific research, experience of professional athletes and our own proprietary knowledge regarding the composition, properties and proper combination of the materials used.