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Proper heat circulation between our body and the surroundings is an especially important factor which influences our activity results and the sense of comfort while running, cycling, trekking or climbing. BRUBECK thermoactive clothing was designed for those who are physically active and exposed to different atmospheric conditions (temperature, wind, humidity). Its qualities will also increase your everyday comfort at home or at work.

Our technologies

BRUBECK is an advanced technology and proprietary solutions at every stage of clothing production. Discover the innovations in design, composition, ways of joining yarns and the most effective technological solutions that make thermoactive clothing more and more perfect. All of that to protect your body.

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Functional materials

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If you want to get a unique product, you need to reach for unique ingredients. BRUBECK uses the best raw materials available on the textile market, based on partnership cooperation with world-renowned suppliers, guaranteeing the highest quality and unique functionality of yarns.